You are warmly invited to attend the AVR plenary session on Sunday 22, 9-10am

Session chairs:
Professor Stephanie Watson and Dr Jennifer Fan Gaskin

The Perth Eye Foundation will open the program with a special welcome, followed by these presentations:

1. A/Prof Michele Madigan 

Emerging from the darkness: cells in the choroid that detect light?

2. Dr Hemal Mehta

FRB! 2.0: Using SMART on FHIR to achieve single point data entry and save time for clinicians

3. Dr Rod O’Day 

Precisely Mapping Choroidal Tumour Margins

4. A/Prof Ranjay Chakraborty

Myopia in children – a result of inadequate melatonin production and circadian rhythm dysfunction?

5. Dr Jennifer Fan Gaskin

Preventing glaucoma blindness – a new drug to control postoperative scarring